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Deaths at sea of the Allen family

As a Genealogist with a very large database of family members Dennis Allen has recently compiled a list of relatives lost at sea. If anyone has a reason to object to details on this list please let him know, as he does not wish to cause offence.Dennis Allen. Dennisallen05@aol.com

Andy Michael Allen (Nephew of Dennis Allen, Ships Captain, Born 1952 Nova Scotia, Died 2003 diving accident in Sandy Cove Nova Scotia.)

David Naylor (Third Cousin of Dennis Allen, Drowned).

Edmund Allen (Mariner, Born 1853 Scarborough, Died 1877 Drowned in River Elbe Germany, “SS DELOS”).

Eric Dawson (Second Cousin of Dennis Allen, Oil Rig Worker, Born 1947 Scarborough, Died 1988 Piper Alpha.)

Frederick John Cook Sterry(Husband of Dennis Allens second cousin, Fisherman,Born 1858 Lowestoft, Died 1902 Drowned off Lowestoft.)

Frederick William Duncan (Connection to Dennis Allens Third Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1849 Hull, Died 1871 Washed overboard from smack "Yorkshire Lass")

Frederick William Sterry (Fisherman,Born 1835 Lowestoft,Died 1864 Drowned off Lowestoft)

George Dawson (Husband of First Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1862 Rillington, Died 1884 Lost at sea on the fishing smack “Empress”.)

George Edwin Sheader (Ordinary Seaman, Born 1919 Hartlepool,Died 1940 “HMS Cambrian”.)

George William Bullamore (Connection to Second Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1859 Scarborough, Died 1869 Lost at sea.)

George William Sheader (Third Cousin,Fisherman, Born 1893 Scarborough, Died 1916 “HMT Remarco”.)

James Ezra Feather (Connection to First Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1890 Scarborough, Died 1916 “HMT Remarco”)

James Sterry Land (Born 1840 Southwold, Died 1867 Drowned at Shanghai, China.)

James Sterry(Master Mariner, Born 1787 Southwold, Died 1836 “Lady Nelson” on passage Rotterdam to London age 49.)

James William Sterry( Master Mariner,Born 1813, Southwold, Died 1836 “Lady Nelson” on passage Rotterdam to London, age 23.)

Jeremiah (Jerry) Bullamore (Connection to Second Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1836 Trimingham Norfolk,Died 1865 Lost at sea.)

John Bullamore (Connection to Second Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1838 Trimingham Norfolk, Died 1869 Lost at sea.)

John Harwood(Connection to Second Cousin, Fisherman,Born 1805 Scarborough, Died 1869 Lost at sea with Bullamore’s.)

John Nicholas Sheader(Second Cousin, Lifeboatman, Born 1891 Scarborough, Died 1954 Scarborough Lifeboat Disaster.)

John Page Sterry (Mariner, Born 1821 Southwold, Died 1836 “Lady Nelson” on passage Rotterdam to London, aged 15.)

John Stark(Fifth Cousin,Unknown,Born 1914 North Sheilds, Died 1939 Lost at sea.)

Joseph Allen (First Cousin, Lifeboatman, Born 1813 Scarborough, Died 1836 Scarborough Lifeboat Disaster.)

Joseph Sheader (Gt Gt Uncle,Master Mariner,Born 1818 Scarborough, Died 1873 Lost at sea.)

Joseph Sheader(Third Cousin, Mariner, Born 1828 Scarborough, Died 1851 Drowned at Barbados.)

Matthew Butcher Cook (Brother in law of Gt Gt Gt Uncle, Fisherman,Born 1812 Lowestoft, Died 1860 Lost at sea.)

Nicholas Godfrey Sheader (Second Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1916 Scarborough, Died 1953 “ST Revere”.)

Robert Cook Allen (First Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1836 Lowestoft, Died1854 Lost in a gale.)

Thompson Allen(First Cousin, Ships Carpenter,Born 1857 Scarborough, Died 1878 Barque “Olive Branch”, of Scarborough, Bay of Bengal.)

Thompson Swan Allen (Gt Gt Uncle, Fisherman, Born 1834 Lowestoft, Died 1862 Fishing Smack “Norfolk Lass” out of Scarborough.)

Wilfred Allen (Father, Fisherman,Born 1903 Scarborough, Died 1944 “ST Noreen Mary” North Minch Scotland.)

William Allen Lincoln (Third Cousin, Mariner, Born 1816 Lowestoft, Died at sea, date unknown.)

William Allen (Gt Gt Gt Uncle, Fisherman, Born 1805 Lowestoft, Died 1850 Found Drowned Scarborough.)

William Golder (Brother in law of Gt GT Gd-father , Fisherman, Born 1828 Lowestoft, Died 1852 out of Scarborough)

William Tindall (Husband of Gt Gt Aunt, Master Sailmaker, Born 1814 Scarborough, Died 1861 Washed off Spa slipway in “Coupland” rescue)

William Trueman (Husband of First Cousin, Fisherman, Born 1849 Scarborough, Died 1877 Sinking of the “Pollies”.)