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Scarborough Trawler owners company Funnel liveries

Most steam trawlers looked remarkably similar. They were difficult to tell apart particularly if they were a long way off. The funnel colours were particularly useful in identifying trawlers. Each funnel colour linked to a particular owner. So whenever a Steam trawler was on the coast it would be spotted as one of their own immediately. This article was written by Bill Blow who has an extensive knowledge of steam trawlers.

Appleby Brogden,Scarborough RF Cammish,Scarborough Connie Steam Trawling Co. Ltd. Scarborough Co-operative fishing Society Ltd. Scarborough Crawford Steam Trawling Co. Ltd. Scarborough John S Ellis Co. Ltd. Scarborough Filey United Steam fishing Co. Ltd. Scarborough Fred Harrison, Scarborough George F. Harrison, Scarborough Iris steam Fishing Co. Ltd , Scarborough James Johnson, Scarborough Raincliff Steam Trawling Co. Ltd , Scarborough Thomas Round and Son, Scarborough G. Alderson Smith, Scarborough Stepney Steam Fishing Co. Ltd , Scarborough Sutton Fish Merchants Co. Ltd , Scarborough Valuated Steam Fishing Co. Ltd. , Scarborough Thomas Whitehead , Scarborough