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There are over 80 articles on this site written by eight different authors. They feature Scarborough's history (mostly written by the late Scarborough Historian John Rushton MBE), articles on epic lifeboat rescues, family histories, U-Boat attacks, and trawler history (from George Westwood's archives).Please send any interesting stories, articles or photos to us at scarboroughmaritime@yahoo.com


Was there a Roman port at Scarborough : By John Rushton
A great storm - A great tempest in the 1100's at Scarborough.
Scarborough History : A very general history covering the Civil war,collier trade,Norman Castle,Seaside resort By John Rushton
Scarborough church tithes of fish
Scarborough ships in 1336 - : A list of ships in the port
The Port of Scarborough - : Merchant shipping and trade in the 15th century
Mediaeval monasteries - Scarborough fish as a food in Yorkshire monasteries
Early fishermen- The wills of two early fifteenth century fishermen in Scarborough.
Shopping in scarbough - Luxury shopping in scarborough
A Scarborough merchant - Early historical material on Scarboroughs maritime trade
Wars in Scotland and France - Wars fought in local Scarborough waters during the early 16th century
Tudor mariners - The fortunes of the Bedome family in the time of King Henry V111 at Scarborough
Scarborough Coal trade - Newcastles monopoly on coal in Elizabethan times
Sir Martin Frobisher - The Yorkshireman's visits to Scarborough
The case for a Navy in 1577 - - Why was the Navy needed
Scarborough Cargo - 1643
Master mariners in Scarborough - A list from 1665
Coals from Newcastle - Scarborough's trade in coal down the north east coast
Scarborough colliers : The growth of the collier fleets and Scarborough harbour growth
Shipping ironstone in Scarborough - A forgotten industry along the Yorkshire coast
Scarborough ships in the Baltic - the 18th century
A Harbour Quarrel - Exploring real life in scarborough's maritime history
Smuggling in Scarborough - smugglers along the Yorkshire coast at Scarborough, Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby
Scarboroughs Heyday of Inns,smuggling and illicit stills
Scarborough seafront - a list of businesses in the old town
Scarborough shipbuilding : A list of ships built in the 1800's
Scarborough Industries - corn factors,fishmongers, timber merchants, rope & twine makers, Sail cloth manufacturers and more
Scarborough Captains and Owners - Some famous names in scarborough shipping and their trade
Scarborough Harbourside A description of the quayside at the turn of the 20th century
The Coupland and the Amelia - The loss of the lifeboat Amelia in 1861
Huge storms - The October 1880 storms and the Scarborough Lifeboat
Sailors graves - Graves in St Marys and Filey Churchyards
Battleships visit Scarborough - The Royal Navy proves a major attraction for visitors
Scarborough anchorsmiths - The earliest recorded anchorsmith and where he obtained his raw materials
World War One - The war receives enthusiastic support from the people of Scarborough
U-Boats - German submarines sunk 11 Scarborough Trawlers in one night in 1916
U-Boat U57 Log book - A translation of the German commanders actions on the night 11 Scarborough trawlers were sunk in 1914
The Lord Collingwood - epic story of a Scarborough crew cast adrift after a U-Boat attack in the First World War
The German U-Boats North Sea campaign - Some information on U-Boats in the First World War
German Bombardment of Scarborough - German battlecruisers fired 500 shells into the town in perhaps the most important single event in Scarboroughs history.
History of U-Boat attacks : U-Boat actions involving Scarborough trawlers in the First World War by Arthur Godfrey
Mines destroy 3 Scarborough trawlers : Mines which sank Scarborough boats in 1920


The earliest Scarborians - showing scarborough's rich maritime heritage
The kings rents - Payment of kings rents in scarboroughs port
Scarborough Spa - The early experience of Scarborough's spa waters
Scarborough Bathing - descriptions of Scarborough's early spa bathers
Sandside Longroom - A dancing hall for the tourists
John Parkin - The story of a sailmaker turned bailiff
Life in Scarborough - descriptions of real life events such as hangings and shipwrecks
Scarborough in the 1820's - descriptions from John Coles diary of the resort
Gristhorpe man - The phrenological study of Gristhorpe man in victorian times
North side Landslip - A landslip in 1880

THE YORKSHIRE COAST - mostly by John Rushton

Yorkshire Coast Timeline - Maritime heritage events
Havens on the Yorkshire Coast - The development of North east coast inlets such as Staithes,Whitby, Filae and Scarborough
Flamborough Head - Instructions to dutch sailors fishing for herring along the east coast in the 1600's
Saltburn - Henry Peases love of the tiny hamlet turned it into a thriving resort.
Redcar - The fortunes of the Red Lion pub
Coatham - A forgotten haven
Old Filey - A Journal entry describing a climb up the cliffs in 1779.
Paying rent in herrings - Whitby
A whitby will - A rich man with a conscience
Holderness Beacons - The early warning system for preventing the spanish armada invading England
Canals around Scarborough (discussions amongst traders in the late 1700's)
Filey - The development of Filey. The first tourists and settlers
What mariners brought back - some relics in Scarborough and in Whitby's Pannett Museum
Sea coal - Trading of coal along the yorkshire coast
A Filey hurricane - the worst day in Fileys short history as the entire fleet of yawls is almost wiped out in 1860.
Lifebelt experiments - Tests on a new life buoy in 1861
THE RNLI - The national organisation
Bloodhound trials - a description of Ravenscars bloodhound trials
Emigration to the new world - Emigration to the New World from the Yorkshire coast
A week in the Whitby Lifeboat - A terrible tragedy and a gallant rescue.
The Dogger bank incident - The Russian navy open fire on Hull trawlers in 1904.
Rohilla - The hospital ship wrecked off Saltwick Bay.


Newspapers - Historical sources readily available at Scarborough Library
Bibliography - A list of historical sources for Scarboroughs maritime heritage
Timeline - A timeline of Yorkshire coast history

If you wish to contribute your own articles then many sources are available including our archives, Scarborough Library, Scarborough Museums Trust etc. Local newspapers go back to 1839 on Microfilm at the Library. Personal accounts are a rich source of local heritage and they bring to life the world of ordinary people.

None of the articles or contents of this webite are necessarily representative of the views or opinions of the SMHC committee or its members. Any individual can submit an article and they are not necessarily edited for content or opinion by the SMHC team.