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Old maritime and fishing photos of Scarborough


If You have any old photos of your own fishing family or of local boats please contact our webmaster at hairybobby2000@yahoo.co.uk or phone 07790979067.

TOMMY ROWLEY - A collection of photos from Tommy Rowleys book - his family history going back five generations
SANDSIDE - Pictures provided by Scarborough Library of the area around Sandside. Its now all cafes and amusements but a hundred years ago it was still all warehouses and shipbuilders
WHITEHEAD - Pictures provided the Whitehead family. They feature Thomas Whitehead (Whitehead Hill was named after this alderman of Scarborough) and Jim (Harry) Whitehead.
SCOTTISH FISHER GIRLS - Some photos of Scottish fisher girls provided by Andy Brown of Blofield books
SOUTH BAY WRECK - Some photos of a wreck that appears occasionally on the South Bay
Fisher people - Some photos of people from the Max Payne collection.
CASPER - A photo of Ron Casper and Mr Raper from aprox 1951
GLADSTONE ROAD - artwork from Gladstone Road School inspired by the German bombardment of Scarborough in 1914
GERMAN BOMBARDMENT - some shots of damaged buildings
GERMAN BOMBARDMENT - The warships and commanders
GERMAN BOMBARDMENT - some graves in Dean Road and Manor Road cemetery. All victims of the Scarborough raid. Some are just grass plots. All the graves are in a shocking state.
STEAMERS - Some photos of steamers from the Max Payne collection
OLD TOWN - Some photos of Old town
BEACH - Some photos of the beach from the Max Payne collection
ARTWORK - Some prints of various artworks collected by Max Payne
HERRING GIRLS AND MEN - Herrings girls and the herring season. Some more photos from the Max Payne collection.
LIFEBOATS- Lifeboats from the Max Payne collection.
HARBOUR - Various shots of the harbour from the late Max Payne collection
OTHER PHOTOS - Various other photos from the Max Payne collection
THOMAS and WILLIAM NORMANDALE - Photos of Thomas Normandale (skipper of the Otter) and William Normandale
BARRY WATSON - Photos of Henry Watson, Ned Hall and some bottomenders
SCARBOROUGH PRINTS - An assortment of Scarborough prints
DENNIS ALLEN - Photos of various boats and fishermen from his family
CASPER - A photo of Ron Casper and Mr Raper from aprox 1951
BULLAMORE - Photos of the Bullamore family
CRIMLISK FAMILY ARCHIVES - These photos are from the Crimlisk family archives (thanks to Tony Crimlisk)
HODDS FISHING FAMILY - old Photos of the fishermen and fishing boats
JAMES BOLTON - some photos of james Bolton at Scarborough Sea Training School
THE HERRING INDUSTRY - A selection of photos provided by Scarborough Library
FILEY FISHERMEN - Pics from Suzanne Pollard of Filey fishermen
PLEASURE BOATS AND TOURISTS - Scarborough Library have kindly allowed us to use their vast collection. These old black and white photos feature paddle steamers, Pleasure boats, tourists and tunny fishing
RNLI - Shipwrecks and the lifeboats through the ages: Pictures provided by Scarborough Library
THE SAILING ERA - A few old black and white photos of old sailing ships provided by Scarborough Library
SCARBOROUGH BOATS - Photos supplied by George Westwood of various trawlers, luggers, steam trawlers
THE MARY STODDART - Photos and artwork depicting the Mary Stoddart, a Scarborough barque lost off Dundalk in 1858.
DRYDALE - old Photos of Rusty Drydale and Frank Drydale. Plus photos of the lifeboat and Freddie Normandale with a Shark.
OLD PHOTOS - Photos of Scarborough harbour including trawlers, scotch fisher lasses and fishermen.
ARTWORK - paintings of Scarborough boats and fishermen
LIFEBOAT - some photos or paintings of the Scarborough lifeboat and the crews
MORNING STAR - A painting of Scarborough steam trawler the 'Morning star' SH61
SCARBOROUGH HARBOUR - Some old photos of steam trawlers,yawls, paddle trawlers. Again provided by Scarborough Library
NAVY - Some naval pictures connected with Scarborough
U-Boat U57 - Photos of captured fishermen onboard U57 and the log book. This U-Boat sank eleven Scarborough trawlers in 1916.
HERRING FISHING - Photos of Herring boats and the harbour
SCARBOROUGH - Some old photos of Scarborough
SCARBOROUGH HARBOUR - The port of Scarborough
NORTH SEA - Photos of North sea fishermen around 1940. Including a photo of Ral Crawford and Tom Sheader
WORLD WAR TWO - Old photos of trawlers and Scarborough during wartime provided by Scarborough Libraries
EAST SANDGATE PLANS - The plans for the East sandgate development. Illustrations of the designs for the interior.
STALL AT SEAFEST - hundreds of our trawler photos and artifacts were on display
SEA FEST 2008 - Scarborough seafest. Including photos of the Grand Turk and The Reaper
FISHERMEN VERSUS FIREMEN - The 2007 fishermen versus firemen football match. This raises money for charity. The fishermen play the firemen(the steam trawlers stokers).
Will Pashby A selection of photos of Will Pashby and Weatherly Tunny fishing
Photos Some general photos
NIGEL BEWLEY A collection of photos from Nigel Bewley
JOHN MAINPRIZE Photos by Nigel Bewley of John Mainprize and Alan Kitto fishing for sea trout