Here is the eleventh  "position paper" for the Harbour Research project. Corrections and additions are welcomed. The purpose of the document is to seek people who will undertake serious research on aspects of the history of the harbour. JR 2012

Scarborough.Shipping Lists

We do have other  and more complete shipping lists. These extra lists are not all familiar and are circulated to illustrate aspects of the history of the port.  

Early types of Shipping

The Danes and Norsemen came to England in long open boats with oars and  a  square sail or both. Borough seals of early date show the single mast vessel with one square sail fixed ona horizontal yard, supported by shrouds and a forestay.Fpre, mast ehad and stem castles portraya daption to war

The tolls levied at scarborough in the 14th century  distinguished great vessels arriving with fish and salt from “somecca” , presumed smaller  and from (fishing) boats. A “cobel” is mentioned at Middlesbrough in 1301 Local mariners  once gained temporary control of some larger Friesland  “cogges”, of 40-80 1296.

Two and three masted ships were more common in the 15th century and a wider variety of craft are mentioned. The Scarborough fishing fleet  included  local batellae (boats) and cobellae (cobles)  for inshore work. Also named were “farcostae” and northsefare. Five  man crews are common..Peter Shilbottle had a five man cobble. John Skinne owned half a finian boat, a northsea boat, and half a coble.  

It was claimed inc 1565 that there had been fifty  smallships for fishing of twenty or thirty  or 30 ton apiece  at scarborough .Nowthere were only six along with four crayers `as boats and ships had been taken by enemies.Another source said that  

Scarborough  had 8 “topmen”, Bridlngton  four , Whitby four  and Filey two .in 1580

In 1747,   Scarborough had  about 80 vessels, of which  one  was over 500 tons, five  over 400  ,thirteen over 300, seventeen over 200  and another  thirty over 100 tons  burthen. (B)

Scarborough ships in  in 1336 

The Katherine .   Adam de Seamer, owner ,    15 tons   small, lacking gear

Srt Maribote              “                                   10       broken

the Margaret             “                                   10       very small

the Katherine.      William Sage                    16       bad condition

the Bartholomew     “                                     8        very small     

The Margaret.     Stephen the Taverner       20       without tackle

the Bartholomew     “                                   10       broken

The Margaret  William Cut                         20       short of gear

The Laurence  John Lymebrenner                      17       small, lacking tackle

The Katrina   John of Redcar                    12       very small, bad condition  

Scarborough ships in 1339

Henry the coroner, William Sage & Robert of Hutton  - The George - 20 tons

-Stephen the taverner      -  The Margaret   -   25 tons

-Adam of Seamer(small,lacking gear)   -  The Katherine    -   20 ton            

-John Limeburner    -    16 tons

-William Sage    -    The Jenet      -     20 tons

-Roger of Helpertthorpe          15 tons

February 1548. Certificate of the Ships of Scarborough

The John Baptiste, 80 tons, owner - William Lokwode, master - John Gray, with 10 men 

The Mare Grace, 55 tons, owner - William Girdler, master - Thomas Shakills, with 7 men.

The Mare Kateryn,50 tons, owners - Robert Neightgaill, William Kenros and Robert Banke, master- Robert Banke, with 7 men

The Mare James, 58 tons, owner - William Kenros,master -Lawrence Bedon,with 8 men

The Mary Sithe, a little work ship, 26 tons, owner & master - Nicholas Clarke, with 3 men

Fishing boats which cannot sail to any ports without pilots but only to the fishing seas. 1548

TheGabrell, 50 tons, owners - William Percy and Richard Denande, master - Richard  Denande, with 6 men

The Blithe, 40 tons, owners - William Kenros and John Stephenson, master-John   Stephenson,with 6 men 

The George, 40 tons, owners-John Mcrwood and William Kenros, master-John Bedom,with 5 men.

The Bartholomew, 55 tons, owner- Richard Conyers, master-John Beforde, with 6 men

The Cudbarte, 40 tons, owner - William Lokwood, master - Robert Craill, with 6 men

The James of Barwike, 20 tons, owner - Sir William Eure, captain of Berwick, master- John Batte,with 6 men .

The Thomas, 40 tons, owners - William Kenros and Uxor Bedom, master- Thomas Londe with 6 men

The Trynitie, 50 tons, owners - Francis Kyldaill, Robert Banke and WilliamStoxley, master-John Osten, with 6 men. 

The Cristofer, 50 tons owners-Robert Rawghton andThomas Browne, master - Robert Shipperde, with 5 men . 

Shipping belonging to the ports. 1701 (S.K. Jones) Shipping Register

London          560     (84.882)                     10065                                    151    

Bristol            165     (17.338 tons)            2359 men     (av tons               105

Yarmouth      143     ( 9914)                       668                                         69

Exeter           121     (7107)                       978                                         59

Hull                 115     (7564)                        187                                         66

Whitby            109     (6819)(8292)            650(571)                               63(75) 

Liverpool       102      (8619)                       1101                                       84

Scarbro          100      (6860)                       605                                         69

Whitehaven    90       (7205)                       725                                         66

Bideford          84       (6299)                       977                                         74

Newcastle        63      (11.000)                   580                                        174     

Sunderland      48       (3890)                     193                                         81

Bridlington        41       (2470)                     212                                         60

Ipswich             39      (1170)                      576                                         286

            total    2944   (182562)                17758 (176 boys)                   62                                                      

Ships out of Scarborough in 1727, concerned in the coal trade from the Tyne and in which the Earl of Scarborough (a Durham coal mineowner) had shares. 19 ( included two from Filey. (information from Mrs.S McGeown)


Happy Return.           Master Thomas ............

Loving Hart.              John Harrison

Unity                         William wade

Concorde.                 Richard  Bell

Endeavour                John Lawson

The eagle                  William Fowler

William and Ann      Stephen Bilbrough

The Jane.                  William Matthews

the george                William Cappelby

Happy Return           Wm Wilson

Francis                      John Nessfield

Friendship                John Brothwaite

The John                   John huntress

The Three Brotehrs William Barker

The Hopewell           Thomas Fletcher

The Hopewell           George Mainprize

The Patience                        Robert Stephenson

Some ships built at Scarborough 

1772. Fishing vessel Chris and William built at Scarborough 42 tons 

1773.  Fishing vessel  Eneavour built at Scarborough. 46 tons 

1773.  Fishing vessel Providence built at Scarborough . 46 tons

1775. Brigantine  Diligence built at Scarborough 71 tons 

1776   The Marwood built by John Tindall abut 62 feet keel was launched for  Fred Cornwall.

1776   .Snow Providence built at Scarborough 333 tons 

1777. Fishing vessel HappyReturn built at Scarborough , 46 tons.

1778   Briganteen Friendship built at Scarborough 88 tons 

1783   23.May Ship “Harmony” launched from George Moorsom’s yard. She did not run a quarter of her length down the ways.Two men at work there had each a leg jammed.One was amputated above the knee and the other above the ankle. The vessel was launched the next day.(Mem Scarb 49)

1784. Brigantine Endeavour bult at Scarborough.  137 tons

1784. Brigantine Seine built at Scarborough. 186 tons 

1784. Brigantine Blessings Increase buitl at Scarborough. 109 tons

1784. Fishi8ng vessel Endeavour  built at Scarborough, 43 tons 

1785-4 March  Sea Nymph launched by Tindall for Todd and Cornwall, 12- or 13 keels   (MemScarb179)

1785. Brigantine Catherine built at Scarborough 85 tons 

1785. BrigantineCo nquest built at Scarborough 82 tons 

1786. Brigantine  Thetis buitl at Scarborough 70 tons  

1790.March 11. Jhn Fowler launched the Nautilus about 14 keels, for Wyvill Todd and Cornwall 

1791. 14 April Amphitrite , 24 keels launched by J. Fowler 

1794    A three masted vessel building with masts fixed, fell over in Heward’s stocks  near the Sandside long Room. 

1811.  The Fortitiude 444 tons launched  at Tindall yard

1813.  Robert Tindall launched the “MulgraveCastle”

1820.  1.2. Sea Nymph launched by Tindall for Stockdale & co.Lost 2.3.

          15.3. Minerva launched  by Riby’s 

            15.4 .Eagle launched by Porrrett for GeorgeTaylor

            25.5.Jane launched by G.Smith for Ralph Hutchinson

            26.6.Schooner Ribston launched by Porret

            22.7. Brig Cognac launched by Riby

1821   18.1. Serapis launched by Tindall

            18.4. Edward launched by Tindall for B.Fowler

            5.5.Ann launched by Porret for Capt Wranges

            19.5.Brig Giraffe ;launched by Riby

            11.9. Mary Ann launched by Riby for Vickerman

            29.10. Brig Thomas and Ann launched by G.Smith for Thos Williams

1822   9.3.Brig Merchant launched by G D Smith for Beswick

            20..6. Brig Cyrus launched by Tindall

            12.9.Schooner Mitford launched by Porret

            2.11.Schooner Charles launched by Riby

1823   21.3.Symmetry launched by Tindall

            1.4 Martha launched by Porret for Capt. Dobson 

            30.4.Brig Hopefull launched by Riby for WilliamOwston

            8.5.Brig Providence repaired

            23.8.  Glennora launched  by Riby for March & Barry

1824   24.2.  Brown launched by Wm Newham for Reed & co

            5.4.Eaton launched by Riby for Kirkus of Hull 

            2.5. Brig Siberia launched by Tindall for C.Hill & co.

            4.5 Snow Richard launched 

1885   Thomas Walker built deep sea whale fishing vessel “Snowdrop”

Scarborough Sailing Vessels. Clayton’s Register of Shipping, 1865

Name,              Rig,       Master.          Tons.     Class.   When built         Managing owner & his residence 

Agamemnon .      BK.     T. Posgate.      300.        A     1864              Bromhead & co.Scarb.

Albion .              BK.   Hochins            386.          AE      1853.        Pantland Hick.Scarb

Albion .               SR   .Simpson              54.                1839.            John Longhorn,Fmr,Burniston

Alert                .BG.  Stephenson      107                 1842                 .John Stephenson.Scarb     

Alfred              .BK.   Gronow              349.         A.   1864.                Hodgson Smith. Scarb

Alonzo            .BG   .Carnaby             254                 1836.                Pantland hick.Scarb

Amaranth      .BK.       Leadley              312.   AE1.       1846.           Henry Fowler. Scarb

Anna Robertson.  BK.    Parsons       284.     AE1        1842.          Richard Mosey. Scarb

Ant                  BG. Iley                      103                 1839.           Jas Dodds. Scarb

Arnon             BG. Bulmer                325. AE1        1850.         Henry Fowler. Scarb

Artemisia       BK .Chambers          328.         A        1860.            Alexander Tindall.Scarb 

Ashberry        SR .Appleyard             52.2         1839.           Geo Appleyard          

Asia                BG. Miller                    266                 1811,           Henry Fowler,Scarb

Ava                  SH (25.202)               461                 1833.             Isaac A Colley,Constantinople.

Avon               SH. Richardson        645.    A1/13      1856.             Robert Tindall. Scarb

Bee                 BG.  Parker               106   .2/3 3.2    1838.           Robert Tindall. Scarb          

British Monarch.BK. Tranmer         366.   A1/8        1857.          Richard Mosey.Scarb

Champion     BK. Huntley                287.5   /6.2.1    1835.            W, Mosey.Scarb

Charlotte       SR.  Campion              52                 1842.            Geo Porrett,merchant,Scarb

Clyde   BG.  Peek                    186.A/110      1863.         Robert tindall. Scarb

Concord.       BK.  Elders                  376     .A1/10      1858.     Thos Hicks.sailmaker Scarb

Contrast        SK.Reason                 67                 1862.          Jeremiah Hudson

Coral Isle      BK.  Tissiman                        293.A1/8        1861.Thomas hicks,sailmaker. Scarb

Cornelius      BG.  Hodge                 192                 1817.        Henry Fowler.Scarb

Cordlitz.         BK.  Worth                   381                 1840.          W,B,Fowler,Scarb

Cumbrian      BK.  Husband             319.        A1/9        1859.          AlexTindall,Scarb

Cyrus.            BG.  Gibbs                  141                 1822         .Robert Tindall            ,Scarb

Dimorlan       BK.  Borwood.            369                 1857.         Thos

Dispatch        SR.  Ward                      54                 1799.      Geo Porrett,merchant,Scarb          

Duncan dimbar.SR.Short                67                 1841.     Jas Dodds.Scarb

Economy       BG.  (5186)                   99                 1820..     F.English shipchandler,   Hartlepool

Eliza               BG.    McIntosh             202                 1851.          Frank Ness, Scarb

Emerald        BG                              326                 1837.            GHenry Fowler. Scarb

Empress       BK.(17093)               399.A1.r         1847.            John Rodham.Scarb

Eugenie         BG.(20.180)              158                 1844.            Thos Hick,sailmaker.,Scarb

Eunomia       BK.Gronow               446       A1/10      1857.       Hodgson Smith. Scarb

Euphrates     BK.(32348)               557                 1820.       Robert Tindall.Scarb

Excelsior       BK.Hunter                 463. A1/9       1856.         Henry Fowler.Scarb 

Express         SR.Boyes                  117                 1830.          James Boyes .Scarb

Gem               BK.Brough                319                 1850.          Pantland Hick.Scarb

Glenora         BG.Phillips                241                 1823.B.March anchor smith Scarb                     

Gondola.       BK.Chellerd              337.A1/7            1857.       W.S.Lister SCarb

Grange.         BG.Jones                  213                 1829.        Henry Fowler. Scarb

Heather Bell. BK.Skerry                  417.A1/10      1856.          Pantland Hick.Scarb

Hebden         BG.Bointon               260                 1826          .B.Bowler.Scarb

Helena           BK.  Hedger                449. A1/9       1856.      Hodgson smith.Scarb

Henry Reed  BK.Bye                       396. AE/1       1853.        Henry Fowler.Scarb

Hero               BG  .Smith                   154                 1808         .Mtthew Smith.Scarb

Humber         DY  .J.Parker.                52.5/6.1.1    1864.         A Appleyard Scarb

Iris,                 BK                               230                 1831       .Robert Tindall.Scarb

Isabel             BK. Hewson              352.A1/10      1852       .Henry Fowler.Scarb

Isurium          BK.Nimes                 363.A1/9        1862.     W.S.Lister,Scarb

Jabez     BG.       Sedman              222       .A1.r         1832. Wm Mosey.Scarb

John               BG.Clark                    176                 1818. Matthew Smith. Scarb                     

John Stephenson. BK.  Westlake   392.  A1/10     1857.       John Westlake,gent.Scarb

Juanita           BK.Williamson         448    .A1/11      1859      .John Rodham, Scarb

Julia C.McLean.    SR .Sawden           70                 1850.      James Dodds.Scarb

Juno               SR.Wilson                   78                 1804.     W, Ellis,Coal mcht.Scarb

Lady Head    SH.Brown                  664.A1/7        1857.     Pantland Hick.Scarb

Life Boat        SR. W Cairns             62.3/4 2.1    1843.      Wm Cairns.m,mar,.Sunderland

Lily                  BK.Matthias              315.A1/9        1862       .Thos Hick sailmaker,Scarb

Lizzie Dransfield.  SR.Appleyard      66                 1859.      Abraham Appleyard.Scarb

Llewellyn       BG. Goddard            263.A1 r         1841.    Wm, Mosey.Scarb

Lord Saumarez.BG.Harrison        182                 1835. H.M.Cockerill.grocer.SCarb

Maida.            BG.Nesfield              231                 1825.Alex Tindall.Scarb.

Marathon       BK.Gibson                324.A1/9        1858.   Alex Tindall.Scarb

Marengo        BK.Lilley                    326.A1/9        1860.Alex tindall,Scarb

Margaret & Jane .BG.Morris            74                 1802. Thos Adamson,Scarb

Margery          SR.Ward                      60                 1837.Thos Ward, coal mchnt.Scarb

Maria              SR.Hick                       53                 1828. Thos Hick,Sailmaker.SCarb

Maria Hardy. BG.Johnson             183                 1836   .James Hurst.Sailmaker SCarb

May                 BG.Ditchburn            152                 -        Frank Ness. Scarb

May                 BG.Wilson                 215                 1839. Henry Fowler.Scarb

Mazeppa        BG.Bruce                   228                 1837    .Alex Tindall,Scarb

Mercury          BG.Gospel                  95                 1815. Wm Williamson,coal mcht,Scar

Minnesota     SH.Laverick              846                 1848.       M.Hick.Scarb

Morning Star BK.Appleyard            245                 1826.        Robt. tindall. Scarb

Narcissus     BG.J.Studley            187                 1836   .Robt Tindall. scarb

Nimroud        SH.Edmond            1022.A1/13     1858.    Robt Tindall.Scarb

North Star      BG.Daviett                 231                 1836.    Henry Fowler.Scarb

Ocean            BK.Richardson        630 AE 1        1840. Geo Willis, SCarb

Oceola           BK.Pearson              289. A1/9       1863. Thos Hick,sailmaker. SCarb

Olive Branch BK.Matthias.             319.A1/11      1856   This Hick,Sailmaker, SCarb

Oscar.            BG.(20/134)              173                 1825. John Ripley,whitby

Palestine       BK.Jones                  607. A1          1863. Robt Tindall.Scarb

Pearl.             BG.Smith                   181                 1833. Frank Ness. Scarb

Peony       BK.    Cooper                386.A1/13      1852   W B Fowler.Scarb

Persia          BK.Chatwin               531  AE1        1838.Robt Tindall. SCarb

Phoebie         BK.Stannard             226                 1822.Henry Fowler.Scarb

Pleiades        BG.Brown                  243                 1841.Matthew Smith Scarb

Portia             BK.Jamieson           355                 1853.Alex Tindall.Scarb

Princess Victoria.BG.Park             256  A1 r        1835. Thos hick sailmaker.Scarb

Prospect        BG.Hodge                 234                 1840.Alex Tindall.Scarb

Ravensbourne.SH.Richardson    1150. 3/3 1.1. 1863. W H Tindall  SCarb

Reaper.         BG.Bulmer                244                 1834?.T.B.Walker, SCarb

Reindeer       BK.Yates                   210                 1845.AlexTindall.Scarb

Rose.             BG.Champlin           223                 1848.Pantland Hick

Rover SR.FitzWilliam            62                 1845.       M.FitzWilliam,Scarb

Saint Leonard.SR.Lancaster          55                 1829.     E.Wilson,coal mcht,Scarb

Saxon BK.Harrison              350 A1/9        1863       .John Rodham. Scarb

Squirrel          SR.Eden                      50                 1786.T Marrattt,brush manufr.Scarb

Sunium          BG.Matthews            269  A1/10     1857.     Alex tindall.Scarb

Sylphe            BG.Dodds                 181  2/3 3.2   1836.  Frank Ness.Scarb

Symetry          BK.Waugh                 382 AE1         1823.Robt Tindall. Scarb

Talitha            SR.FitzWilliam                    89       1841.   Jas FtitzWilliam Scarb

T.E.Milledge.SH.(35130)                719                 1856.          R.T.Strangman,Prov Dlr.London

Teviot BK.Wheelan             433. A1/13     1859.        Robt Tindall.Scarb

Thalaba         SH.Williamson         941  A1/7       1861. Porrett Webster.Scarb

Thames         BK.Fraser                  445 A1/13      1861.Robert Tindall.SCarb

Triton              BG.Smith                     65                 1800.  Robt Jefferson, coal mcht.Scarb

Venus            SR.Newton                 50                 1847.   Thos Ward.coal mcht.Scarb

Veracity          BG.Woodall                70                 1813.  Wm Williamson Coal mcht SCa

Violet              BG (5237)                 229                 1839.   Hy Walker. london

Wave       BN.       Harwood              71                 1839.      M.Harwood,Coal mcht Scarb

Westborough.BK.Davey                 325  A1/9       1863. Henry Fowler.Scarb

William          BG.boyes                  128                 1811.James Boyes.Scarb

William          BG.robinson             277                 1850. E Broomhead,Scarb

Wm McGowan. BG.     Dodds        182                 1851. Thos hick sailmaker Scarb

Wm &Matthew.BN.Boyes               120                 1842.John Marfleet.Scarb

The 1881 Census ;Vessels in the harbour

Vessel                       Master

“Colibri”(Norway)     Andreas Anderson    mate  2 seamen 

“Harriet Shiel”           Thomas Simmons,             mate, boatswain, cook,2 seamen,2 engineers, 3 firemen master from Stockton

Samuel Margarson, Wanderer. master mate cook 2 seamen, Norfolk

George Block norfolk master fisherman mate 2 fishermen Challenger

Edward Ford, master fisherman, mate 2 fishermen and a boy Young alfred Norfolk

William Parelin, master fisherman, Norfolk. mate 2 fishermen and cook James & Elllen

Albert Plummer master fisherman Lily, mate 2 fishermen and cook

James Sellers. Scarb master fisherman, mate 3 fishermen nil Desperandum

John smith, James clay of devon master, 3 fishermen, cook

George Whittleton. master Scarb mate 2 fishermen and boy evelyn 7 maud

Spouse shearer. Scarb master ,fisherman, mate 3 fishermen boy The Faith

am,brose Popckley, scarb master fishermen mate 2 fishermen and cook scarb Oxford Eight

Charles Fields, Scarb master fisherman Nymph mate 3 fishermen 

Edward Benton  Boston Tusker,  engineman and fireman 

Wm Woodhouse master. 2 mates seaman styeward Britannia Norfolk

Wm Earl. scarb captain 3 seamen cook Wellesley 

Benjamin Naylor Hull m,aster fisherman, mate 2 fishermen cook Emma Walker

Benjamin Grimmer master fishermen Norfolk  mate 2 fish cook Rhoda

Samuel johnson Boston fisherman, female, 4 fishermen and a lad escort 

James W Brown  London master fish, mate 2 fishermen, cook Clara ellen

John F Jackson Scarb Ruby master fish, 2  mates fisherman cook

William warner. Norfolk master mate 2 seamen cook Sir Francis Crossley

robt Banyer. Norfolk master 3 fishermen, cook skimmer of teh sea

Henry Barton driver fishrman and fireman Spurn of Lincs

Mat Sayers master fish  engoineer  seama,  fisherman, 3 firemen  floremnce 

George Duck Staitehs master master seamen  Grace 

Jacob Robson driver fish  Star o tay N shields

John Cadwalader Wales Cadwalader Jones, mate 2 seamen cook

John f Reynolds captain fish, mares 2, fisher and cook Yorkshire lass

Mark Banks. master and seaman Zipposah whitby

John Smith master  Scarb Alexandra

Richard Porrit Whitby master, mate wife, child

Henry - wm mate and seaman Endeavour  chatham

John Clarke norfolk master fish, fisherman, boy cook Confidence

fishrman on maid of the mill, essex

James adams, Suffolk master, mate 2 fish, cook cornelia

Stephen redaer, Kent master fish, mate 2 fish, boy Acacia

Wm  master Scarb Northern belle. mate 2 fish cook

Ralf Wilson 2 engineers fisherman  May

Dan Wright Suffiolk master, mare two seaman and cook

Alex Russell. master fish mate 2 fish by Intrepid Southants  

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